SJW Students Reminisce over 2nd Inter-University Impromptu Public Speech Competition

9 months

Four Sharjah Women’s campus (SJM) students, Asma Hassan, Amna Abdelkarim, Muna Nasser and Sara Ahmad,  tested their novice public speaking skills when they participated in the 2nd Inter University Impromptu Public Speech Competition hosted by Abu Dhabi University, and held under the theme of “2017, Year of Giving”.

The competition drew participants from 14 colleges and universities across the UAE such as Amity University, Khalifa University, University of Wollongong and Manipal University.

Abu Dhabi University runs this competition annually to bring talented speakers together under one roof, thus providing the students an opportunity to enhance their confidence in public speaking. Through their speeches, students become corporate social responsibility ambassadors promoting socially responsible practices, community mindedness and sound ethics.

it was the first time the students had participated in the competition, but, guided by their teachers, Dr. Kausar Saida and Mr. Sajan Samuel, they were very excited about the opportunity and supportive of each other.

Asma Hassan was the 13th participant and the first of our four participants. She talked very confidently about “What happens when you order so much food?” never for once betraying the fact that she was on the stage for the first time.

Asma pointed out that it had been a new and memorable experience for her which she greatly enjoyed. “I realized that participating in competitions is a MUST for all students as it paves the way for developing your personality and preparing you for your future career,” she said.

In Amna Abdelkarim’s speech “Volunteers do not have the time, Volunteers have the heart” she revealed her passion for volunteering, describing the volunteering work that she is involved in.

“When Dr. Kausar told me about the Public Speech competition, I was scared because I had never been on the stage in front of an audience. I was not even aware of the topic. But, Dr. Kausar encouraged me, saying “You can do it”. This sentence motivated me to participate in the competition. The smiling faces of the judges encouraged me during my speech and I completed my speech in the stipulated time of 3 minutes. The experience was stunning. I overcame my fears and my confidence increased,” Amna said.

Muna Nasser, spoke about “Saving the past, saving the momentum.” Although not on the winner’s list, she is “more than eager to participate in the upcoming competition next year and walk away with the trophy. It was an unforgettable experience, a memory to cherish”.

The fourth topic was “Water to secure future” delivered by Sara Ahmad, revealing a strong conviction that water conservation is important. Sara added that the trip and participation in public speaking had been an eye opener for her.

“My journey was fruitful as I learnt a lot of tips to be a great public speaker. Furthermore, watching the other speakers on the stage provided me with an insight into my own strengths and drawbacks,” she said.

She thanked Dr. Kausar for providing the students with this opportunity, adding that “hopefully, with the experience gained, we will win next year”.