HCT Al Dhafra Volunteering Stars Celebrate Emirati Women Day & Eid Al Adha

2 years

Volunteering stars from Madinat Zayed and Ruwias campuses in Al Dhafra spread happiness during HCT celebrations in Emirati Women’s Day and Eid Al Adha.

Celebrations kicked off on August 28, where volunteers helped preparing and distributing a greeting card for the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day. The greeting card had an inspiring message to all Emirati students and staff from Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi, MZC and RWC director.

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In Ruwais, students showed their gratitude and love for all Emirati women role model, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Um Al Imaraat. Love messages were written with pride and joy.

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Emirati Women’s Day celebrations continued on August 29 in Madinat Zayed, where student mothers, and grandmothers were invited to share their experiences, success stories, and memories with students. AlSafa Ahmed Al Marar, one of our volunteering stars ran the discussion at ( Barzat Ummahat Al Daar) where she welcomed college guests and students, and interviewed the guests. All students and their relatives were enjoying the sweet memories, and appreciating the effort and hardship Emirati Women went through to serve their country and families.

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One more dear celebration to the hearts of all Muslims in the world took place in the same week. Eid Al Adha celebrations started early on Monday by volunteers from both campuses preparing decorations for the occasion. Furthermore, decorations for giveaways were also prepared.


The actual celebration took place on Wednesday August 30, Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi Congratulated staff and students on the occasion and wished them and their families a blessed Eid.

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