ADM Applied Media Students get Hands-on for Fall Semester with Film Lenses Workshop

11 months

A group of HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s campus (ADM) Applied Media students, majoring in Video Production, attended an intensive hands-on workshop on camera lenses, reinforcing the experiential learning component of their major.

Organized by the world leader in film lenses, ARRI, the workshop ran over three days in Dubai and was divided into three sessions – Defining the quality of cinema lenses, High dynamic range and the Art of focus pulling.

The sessions covered at length the various aspects related to lenses and cinematography, such as the type and quality of lenses, focal lengths, image clarity and the choice of appropriate lenses and their effect on visual story telling.

The sessions’ themes greatly assisted the students to more fully understand and appreciate the varied aspects lenses, and their uses in cinematography.

Mindful of the tremendously informative and beneficial potential of interactive workshops for the students’ future film making aspirations, the ADM Applied Media department encourages and advocates for further similar student interactions throughout the academic year.

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