AAW Showcases Breadth & Depth of Courses to Students at Academic Programmes Assembly

10 months

Students at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) have been given an in-depth introduction to the range of academic programmes available, after the college recently held its first programme assemblies of the new academic year.

It was also an opportunity for AAW’s management team, led by Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari, campus director, to welcome new and returning students. In attendance were all Programme Chairs, faculty members, and Student Services members.

The programmes dealt with during the assemblies were Aeronautical Engineering Technology (AET), Foundations, Business, Computer Information Science (CIS) and Education.

AET Students Assembly

The Aeronautical Engineering Technology (AET) program held the Engineering Assembly on Tuesday September 5, 2017. The Engineering faculty members, staff and more than 150 students from the Engineering and Foundation programmes were honored to have Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT Vice Chancellor, and Mrs. Hamsa Al Amari, AAW Director, join the assembly.

In her welcome speech, Mrs. Hamsa Al Amari welcomed Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi and the audience to the new academic year. Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi warmly spoke to the students and insisted on the HCT values of providing the best education to the students. He also gave advice and examples of how students can excel in their studies.

Dr. Feras Darwish, AET Programme Chair, welcomed the students and thanked the audience for attending the assembly. In his presentation, Dr. Feras focused on the skills that the Engineering students need to have to become successful engineers. He also mentioned that determination, dedication and hard work are the secrets of success.

He also shared with students the latest developments in the programme in terms of resources and labs expansion and shed light on the distinguished students’ achievements. Finally, Dr. Feras made the students aware of some important academic related procedures and activities. At the end of the assembly, the students were given the opportunity to ask questions, all of which were addressed by the Programme Chair.

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Foundations Students Assembly

Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari greeted the students and wished them great success in the coming year. After that, special guest Dr. Ali Al Mansoori, Deputy VC for Campus Operations, addressed the students, with an inspiring and entertaining talk which was greatly appreciated by the audience.

The students were given a short introduction to college life by the Student Services team, who provided useful information and advice to the new students. Finally, Mr. Stephen Aston, the Academic Programme Coordinator briefly explained the goals and structure of the Foundations English programme. He urged the students to study hard and take every opportunity to practice their English language skills.

Mr. Aston said the assembly was a good opportunity to explain the aims of the Foundations English programme and to affirm our commitment to achieving academic success. “I am pleased with the positive attitude of this year’s Foundations students and I am sure they will try their best to pass their English courses in order to qualify for their academic degree program,” he said.


Business Students Assembly

As its first activity for the new academic year 2017-2018, the AAW Business Division, led by Dr. Khwaja Mansoor Khan, met with the Fall semester Business students (returning and new) on August 23. The session, which was attended by both Business faculty and staff, welcomed the Business student community to the new academic year.

Dr. Rochelle Franklin, Acting Dean of Academic Operations, and Division Chair of Education, addressed the audience by welcoming them and reinforced a number of important academic and non-academic issues that would help in students’ success.

Dr. Khwaja Mansoor, AAW Business Division Chair, reiterated Dr. Franklin’s sentiments in welcoming all the students and wishing them every success in their studies. Dr. Mansoor ended his speech by introducing to the students all members of the Business Department community, being Programme Coordinators, faculty and staff.

The 90-minute assembly presented many college policies and procedures that were necessary for the students to be aware of and focused on how to handle a number of issues pertaining to studying smart, seeking extra academic help, approaching staff for information, and how to be productive by utilizing their time at the College.

Mr. Omar Badran, AAW Business Program Coordinator (HRM) echoed HCT’s aspiration of becoming the number one higher education institution in the UAE in producing quality graduates who would be sought after by employers.

He reminded students that their time at college should be spent between learning and individual growth. This, he stated, could be possible by studying, attending classes and visiting the college library, and by enjoying the many non-curricular social activities the different departments of the college provide to students such as joining the Student Council, being an active member in college clubs, and other college social activities that happen throughout the academic year.

The 201710 Business Assembly at AAW was a positive and happy event that provided Business students with the opportunity to meet Business staff and faculty and to ask questions about many areas such as advising, attendance, and program majors, to name a few.

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CIS Students Assembly

About 70 students attended the CIS assembly on August 24, where Dr. Khalid welcomed the students and introduced himself as the new CIS programme chair for both AAM & AAW.

Dr. Khalid talked about the major, the completion requirements, catalog term, students’ tools, as well as how can students use the HCT portal, the academic calendar, grading system, GPA, online registration, attendance policy, and appeal forms.

He also talked about the two CIS majors, Security & Forensics and Business Solutions. He described the difference between them, and which courses students should take in each major. “It is very important that students work hard and try to score a GPA that is above 2.0,” Dr. Khalid said.

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Education Students Assembly

The Education Division introduced Dr. Rochelle Franklin as the new Programme Chair, along with all faculty members. The assembly addressed important points and issues to students about student life in the college, the rule of every faculty in the department, as well as whom to seek for common questions or issues, and what are the new upcoming events in the department.

David Waugh, Programme Coordinator of General Studies, commented: “We enjoyed getting all of our students together after a restful summer for another exciting year. We were especially happy to welcome our 21 new Education students starting the programme, as well as applauding our semester 8 students who are preparing to graduate at the end of this year. They’ll make us proud.”

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