AAW Fire Wardens Ready to Protect Campus Following SANID Training

1 year

The dedicated fire wardens at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) are ready and able to tackle emergencies on campus after undergoing an intensive Community Emergency Response Course (CERT) training, conducted by the AAW Health and Safety team in coordination with SANID.

The SANID course introduced attendees to a variety of topics, such as general emergency preparedness, as well as the SANID team structure and their primary activities of fire safety, search and rescue, triage and basic first aid.

In addition they were taught how to cooperate as a team through various practical exercises, such as lifting, carrying injured people, how to put out a fire using fire extinguishers and conducting basic search and rescue operations. There was an interactive presentation with different videos and pictures and attendees were able to ask various questions.

The achieved outcomes of this training were to train AAW staff with the required knowledge to respond to emergencies and disasters and how to participate in emergency relief within the AAW community.

The 17 attendees, who are campus support staff and who are fire wardens or standby wardens, were shown how to register through the SANID website to get updates about volunteering events.

The instructors were able to demonstrate great knowledge to different people from different backgrounds with ease. Judging by the positive feedback from the attendees, who completed an evaluation report at the end of the training, the quality of training and instruction was very high and worthwhile.

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