HCT Welcomes New & Continuing Students in Al Dhafra Campuses

2 years

The HCT-Al Dhafra campuses at Madinat Zayed and Ruwais welcomed their continuing and new students on August 20, for the start of the new academic year.

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The new students were offered two days of orientation, which included information on all the campuses’ departments, in order to help the novices start their higher education smoothly, and ensure a successful first academic year.

The first day of orientation kicked off with student registration in both campuses, during which students received their booklet kits, along with welcome giveaways.


On behalf of Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi, Madinat Zayed and Ruwais campuses Director, Mrs. Nuha Al Zaghari, Supervisor of Marketing and Community relations, welcomed the new students starting at Madinat Zayed.

“On behalf of Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi, allow me to congratulate and welcome you to MZC. With over 17 campuses across UAE, and almost 24,000 students, HCT is the largest applied higher education institute in UAE. We are committed to Providing applied higher education to equip our students with knowledge, skills and competencies that meet international standards and the future needs of the UAE industry and society; through our strong emphasis on Hybrid education, to allow us reach our goal of 100% graduate employment by 2020,” Mrs. Nuha said.

“We are all gathered here to welcome you, and offer our support from today until the day you graduate, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in any matter.” she added.

This was followed by a brief welcome and introduction from Dr. Tarig Faisal, Engineering Division in MZC.  He introduced to the students the new Hybrid innovative Engineering program that will equipped the students with main pillars required from the industry.   Additionally the students were brief on the attendance policy, roles and regulations.




Mr. Graham Osborne, Chair of Foundations, also welcomed the students, and gave a brief on the different levels of the Foundation year. He also outlined best practices for success during the year for the students. Mariam Al Katheeri, from the Student Services team, then continued the day as planned by discussing campus rules and regulations as detailed in the student booklet, and gave a quick overview of campus facilities.

Following that, Mariam Al Hammadi, an MZC graduate and current student, gave an inspirational speech on why she chose MZC, how she benefited from being HCT students, her trips to Korea and Japan while doing her diploma in MZC, and her pride while presenting UAE students in her trips.

Leimarie Tabios from Student Services then concluded Day 1 with a tour around the college, where she introduced the students to main college facilities like classrooms, Academic Services offices, Library, Canteen, etc.

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Day 2 was a busy day as well, now that students are more familiar with the college. It kicked off with IT session given by Heber Tabios – IT Officer, during which he introduced the HCT email and portal systems, using campus Wi-Fi, printing services and using student drives.

The Academic Services session was next with Miss Nagham Abdelkhalek, Academic Services Officer. She introduced important issues, such as Academic Advising, Online Course Registration, Academic Timetables, Academic Calendar, etc..


The fun then started with team building activities with Student Services team, during which very useful information about volunteering, student clubs, student transportation, financial Aid, trips, and many other issues was given.

Last but not least, Khader Shahin, Senior Health and Safety Officer, gave a brief about Safety measurements and procedures in the building.

Day 2 was concluded with a closing remark given by Student Services teams.

Over 150 Kilometers away, Orientation days at the Ruwais campuses started happily with positivity and enthusiasm. On behalf of Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi, campuses Director, Dr. Kamal Almallah, Chair of Engineering, and Mrs. Nuha Al Zaghari, the Supervisor of Marketing and community relations, welcomed new students respectively on both days.


New students and parents felt most welcome, moreover; their concerns and queries were all answered. Students were introduced to the colleges rules and regulations and all services available within campus.

A big thank you goes to volunteers who perfectly assisted during those days and to Mrs. Aysha Mustafa Alhashimi, Student Council President, for her valuable involvement during the days.

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