Over 150 New Students Find Their Way at AAW Orientation for 2017-18 Academic Year

10 months

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) welcomed 152 new students at an informative and action-packed two-day New Student Orientation program on August 14 & 15.

Day 1 started with a welcome to the students, registration and distribution of some giveaways, along with the student booklet kit, which included the Methaq handbook outlining the HCT Code of Conduct for students.

Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari, AAW Director, warmly welcomed the new students.

“Congratulations on your graduation from high school and welcome to the HCT and Al Ain Women’s family. Choosing to be here is the right choice for you and your future because HCT strategy doesn’t only care to give a one of a kind higher education, but it also guarantees you finding a vacancy when graduating as HCT and AAW only offer majors required by the UAE labor market,” Mrs. Hamsa said.

“Al Ain Women’s campus promises you a full year of success and fun student life. All of the departments are here to welcome you today and to introduce themselves to you, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help as we are all here to help you reach your goal successfully,” she added.

The welcome was followed up by a brief speech from each Program chair – Education, Engineering, CIS and Foundations – in order to introduce each of the Program majors, as well as regulations, attendance policy and procedures.

David Waugh, the Education program chair, commented: “It was exciting to meet with our college’s new students. We were happy to answer their questions that showed that they’re really thinking about how their studies with us will help their future careers.”

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The Student Services team, led by Al Jazia Al Otaibi, the Student Services Supervisor, continued the day with an introduction to student life on the campus. This talk included an explanation of the Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook, as well as an outline of important rules and regulations and an overview of the campus’s facilities, including the car park, the canteen, health and safety, and the campus evacuation plan.

Meera Al Shamisi and Al Anoud Al Shamisi, both Engineering students in AAW, provided the students with an inspirational speech filled with success stories and advice on motivation and time management.

“As you all know, Al Ain city will be the center of aero-space and manufacturing aircraft and we will be the first batch to graduate from AAW with this major. The UAE needs more people to recruit in this new area of specialization and we would like you all to think about getting into this area as it is the future of the UAE and it has so many hopes and plans attached to it,” they said.

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Afterwards, a session called “Our majors, your success” was conducted by the Academic Services team to give the students more insight into each major and give the opportunity for students to ask questions. This was followed by a Q&A session between all the departments and students where a lot of questions concerned the volunteering program, gate access, attendance policy and clubs and activities in the college.

Day 2 of the orientation started with an address from Aljazia Al Otaibi, the Student Services supervisor, who welcomed the students for their second day. The attendees appeared more relaxed and eager to participate in the activities.

The orientation started with an advising session offered by the Academic Services team concerning student registrations, online registration and e-advising, attendance policy, academic advisors, assessments/exams, and the academic calendar. The team also addressed credit hours (GPA and CGPA calculation), selecting majors, internships, career services, graduation compliance and foundations.

The second session was offered by the Student Services team who talked about counselling, volunteering (mandate and process), special needs services, the code of conduct, events, clubs, transportation, financial aid, student elections, sports activities, field trips, lockers, security and the My HCT student feedback system.

The third session of the day was conducted by the Student Council Association, whose president and members talked about the scope and role of the association, the elections process, and the achievements of the association and its current student ambassadors.

The Academic Services team then held another session to guide the new students on how to access learning resources and how to avoid plagiarism, as well as offering some tips for academic success. After that, the IT resources team made a presentation on HCT e-mails, the Portal, the college Wi-Fi, printing services, and student drives, along with a login demonstration, an assignment uploading demonstration and a demonstration of how to access learning materials.

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Hind Orientation

Hind Al Ahbabi, the Media and Communication senior officer, then talked about college marketing and public relations, as well as events coverage, positive use of social media, and the photo release form policy. She also introduced the HCT social media accounts for students to keep up with the latest events and to offer them a way of raising suggestions and complaints.

This was followed up with a brief talk about scholarships and awards presented by the Student Services and Academic Services teams which covered awards, bursaries, scholarships, eligibility and international opportunities. A final Q&A session was then conducted to offer the students one more chance to ask about anything from the 1st or 2nd days of orientation.

At the end of Day 2 a survey was distributed among students to measure the student happiness and satisfaction with the orientation program.

In her closing remarks, Mrs. Noura Nader, AAW Head of Campus Services, stated: “I hope you all had an amazing experience during these two days as much as we did while getting to know you all and hear your matured, positive comments and inquiries. You all seem bright, positive and eager to learn and start this amazing stage of your lives. With your commitment and positivity in coordination with the committed AAW team, you can rest assured of reaching your goals and beyond.”

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