SJW Students Showcase IT security & Forensic Capstone Project to Sharjah Municipality

11 months

A group of IT Security & Forensic students have recently presented their capstone project entitled “Smart Risk Management Plan is the pillar for the Smart Cities in UAE” to a select group of leaders from the Sharjah Municipality.

There where around 20 senior IT representatives from the Sharjah Municipality who attended to the presentation, led by the director of the IT department, Mohammed Almulla, who was very pleased with the work and results the students achieved in the project.

Mr Almulla said he was looking forward to more collaborations and he mentioned that it will not be the last collaboration for the capstone projects in HCT.

The students were very proud of their achievements in that they created a project that can serve the community. They gave a big thank-you to the Sharjah Municipality and HCT for their effort and support that they provide. The students gave special thanks to Dr.Mohammed Saleh, the project advisor, who always supported them to complete this project successfully.

Student Sumayya AL Hammadi said: “I am very proud that I worked in such a project that will help our country to develop and improve their security and be one of the countries that having smart security and smart technologies in their governments. Many thanks to Sharjah Municipality for their collaborations and our advisor Dr. Mohammed Saleh for his efforts for the  success of our project.”

Another student Sara Humaid, added: “This is my pleasure to do such a project that will serve our community in security perspective in smart way, which will reduce the impact of cyber security issues in future in term of human safety and data security. Special thanks to Sharjah Municipality and our advisors for their support that they provide it to us to complete our project.”

Anwar Mohammed said: “I appreciate this opportunity of working on this project which may be a great help for improving our country from the security perspective by providing new smart solution that can be use to reduce the security issue.”

Fatma Abdulqader added: “Its my pleasure to work in this project to improve the security level in our country with smart solutions.”