SJW Butts In With Anti Smoking Campaign

1 year

The Student Services Counsellor and the Library Learning Center at the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) have joined forces to host an Anti-Smoking Campaign on April 30.

The campaign message was clear- “If you smoke, please stop. If you don’t smoke, don’t start!” Further, it emphasized to “Love yourself, love others, and stop smoking!”

The campaign was designed to educate the college community about the many dangers of first, second and third-hand smoke; the last being smoke in clothing, carpets, curtains and furnishings). It clearly demonstrated that smoking is a global problem, highlighting that smoking killed approximately 100 million people worldwide during the 20th century and that every 30 seconds someone dies from lung cancer.


The campaign pointed out to the campus that smoking remains the highest contributing cause of ill health in the UAE and has been linked to various forms of cancer and other serious health problems. The campaign showed that smoking cigarettes, shisha, and midwakh harms not only the smoker but others who breathe in the smoker’s smoke (second-hand smoke).


The campaign included an inspirational speech by Dr. Manssoora Al Marzouqi about second-hand smoking and the impacts on pregnant women.  Activities took place in the main corridor which included a ‘smoker’s corridor’, videos on the impacts of smoking on the human body, and institutional posters about cigarettes.In addition, videos about the impacts of using shisha were run on plasma screens around the campus, while volunteers from the Health Sciences Division ran a mobile campaign to educate students about the dangers of smoking.

The interactive nature of the campaign meant that students and staff were able to participate in the campaign activities, and gifts were given to those in attendance.


As a follow-up to the campaign, Sharjah Women’s College continues to offer support in the Counseling Center for those who are quitting, or want to quit, smoking. Smoking-related literature and information regarding UAE smoking cessation programs are available at both HCT-Sharjah campuses’ Counseling Centers.