SJM Students Open Arms to Korean Cultural Exchange

1 year

The Korean Club at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) was one of the student clubs participating in an exciting event held by Yalla KOREA and KTO, a travel agency for cultural exchange between the UAE and Korea.

The event presented a number of interactive activities which allowed the audience to experience Korean culture. These included designing their own mobile cover, wearing traditional Korean clothing (hanbok) and creating Korean handicrafts.

Some of the attendees expressed their gratitude and thoughts about the event. Sultan Ibrahim, President of the SJM Korean Club, commented that it had been an amazing day: “We learned a lot about the Korean culture while interacting with the Korean people and members of other Korean clubs. Thank you Yalla KOREA,” he said.

Alhanouf Alsated, President of the Korean club in FCHS-AD, also thought that the event was spectacular: “The Korean culture, cuisine and traditional clothing were all ways of sharing the culture and creating more bonds between those people interested in it.”

Najla, vice President of UAE University Korean Club, also concurred that the event was great because of the creative activities: “I always like these events, where we get to interact with people we share the same interest with.”

Sara Saif, the president of Emako organization, similarly expressed her admiration: “I had the chance to meet new people from different Korean clubs around UAE, try on the beautiful Korean traditional clothing, ‘Hanbok’, taste various Korean dishes and create a Korean traditional craft called ‘Najeon’, using pearl oyster, conch, or abalone shells.” She summed it all up by adding that “The event enhanced the bonds between the UAE and Korea by using the beauty of culture in a simple way.”

Finally, Madiha, the host of the travel agency, concluded by saying that “It was a good opportunity for cultural exchange – I felt like we all are one big nation. I hope we embrace more of these kinds of events in the future.”