Sharjah Women’s Campus Celebrates International Girls in ICT Day

2 years

The Computer Information Science (CIS) Division at Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) celebrated Intenational Girls in ICT day on April 27, with a showcase of many interactive student-led demonstrations and projects.

The International Girls in ICT day is an event backed up by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the United Nations.  Its main objective is to encourage and empower women to pursue careers in the fields of Information Technology and Telecommunication. Last year, HCT was the 1st academic institute in the UAE to join ITU as an academic member.


CIS students and faculty organized different activities and competitions for this event. The first activity was a tablet assembly workshop and competition where students competed in assembling tablets.

“One of the most significant changes in computer technologies in recent years has been the shift away from desktop computers towards more mobile devices and in particular, the emergence of the tablet. Assembling tablets adds a value to the students learning. Students find hardware-assembling activities are very challenging and interesting where they gain hands-on experience,”Mrs. Hanar Atroshi, the activity coordinator, said.

The second activity was an animation and coding tools workshop, where Mrs. Reem Abuzayedh coached the students in using a code tool to learn the basic concepts of programming.

Mrs. Reem pointed out that “Coding teaches students to be technology creators instead of just being technology users.  The coding team, which involves CIS students form the Application Development program, did a great job today by showing that coding is fun and that every girl can learn it.”


Another activity was the Mobile Application development workshop. A team of students, coached by Dr. Afaf Tabach, used the LiveCode online tool to develop a BMI mobile application in 10 minutes. Finally, everybody participated in the general information Kahoot quiz, answering questions about women in IT. Valuable prizes were distributed and students were excited to learn that top companies such as IBM and Yahoo have female CIOs.

Miss Fatima Ahmad said the “ICT event inspired me to achieve more than normal students, and I learned that there’s no limit to a woman’s success. Women can lead and manage large businesses.”

Another student, Najla Ali Safar, added: “ICT day is very important for the ladies in the college. We celebrated it by doing some activities and games for the girls, and enjoyed it a lot. Teachers and students were very active. I hope every year I celebrate with them and enjoy this day as much as I have.”


Dr. Muhaditha, SJW Director, and Mr. Aart Leeuwenburgh, CIS chair, also attended the event, tried out the tools and particpated in the Kahoot quiz.

Summing up the importance of the day, Dr. Afaf Tabach said: “This is a significant event for our female students. It highlights the importance of Information technology in shaping our future. Real stories and facts about women in IT pave the way for the young female generation to be bold and not shy away from this field.”