Ruwais Students Celebrated for their Excellence

1 year

Research has proven that recognition of one’s efforts is often more highly valued than money. So imagine the profound effects on an ordinary student who is recognized for simply doing his or her best—an increased level of self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment and respect among the peer group. Such a feeling of accomplishment may carry forward throughout their lives and ultimately improve our world as a whole.

Remembering these things, The HCT-Ruwais Men’s campus (RWM) hosted a Student Recognition Ceremony on May 23 for their students, for their achievements in academics and also their behavior.

The following awards were given to the students, as nominated by teachers and Programme Chairs:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Best learner
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Support Student of the class
  • Most hard working student of the class

Dr. Hashim Alzaabi, RWM campus Director, with the assistance of the Student Services Department, officiated at the ceremony for 28 male students. Each awardee received a certificate and a gift item at a special ceremony attended by the students, faculty, and staff.

Students were happy to receive the awards and one of the student specifically mentioned that it was all possible because of the dedicated teachers they have got, who understand their problem and go to their level to teach them.

Dr. Hashim gave a short speech congratulating the honorees for their commitment and assured them that college is more than willing to help them to achieve their goals and objectives.

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