HCT-Sharjah Childcare Centre Promotes Lifetime of Healthy, Happy Teeth

1 year

The HCT-Sharjah campuses’ Child Care Centre continues to be engaged in a variety of programmes designed to raise awareness and health education.

Its philosophy comes from within the centre’s policies and curriculum on nutrition and eating, as it is a coordinated curriculum to integrate healthy eating patterns, food and hygiene within our daily routine to develop physically and intellectually.

The centre hosted an oral health education programme, entitled “Shining Smiles” on June 5, which was developed by a group of friendly dentists working with young children to promote healthy lifestyles.

During their visit, the dentists talked to the children about keeping their teeth healthy and clean and gave them tips on how to brush their teeth, with the following purposes:

  • Help your young children understand the importance of their teeth.
  • Provide basic information about keeping teeth clean and healthy that is appropriate to their age and experience.
  • A cavity is a small hole in a tooth.
  • Introduce the dentist as a friendly doctor who helps them take care of their teeth.

The dentists focused on teeth brushing through easy tips to get the children to brush their teeth by making it a fun exercise, setting a schedule, brushing for two minutes.


In cheerful way , children were singing with the dentists:

( Movement: Brushing teeth)
This is the way to healthy teeth, healthy teeth, healthy teeth
this is the way to healthy teeth, every night and morning.

brush, brush, brush your teeth (repeat)

Brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush them every day.

Keep them bright, make them shine, clean the plaque away.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush them every day.

Front, back, take off the plaque, now we smile all day.

Tiny Teeth Do Big Jobs

Next, the children thought about good foods to eat and those that might have too much sugar, which are bad for their teeth.   The children got to look at the different food types discuss and sort each food to the correct tooth, through a series of fun activities. They got to associate a variety of foods that are good for teeth (fruits and vegetables, milk) and those that are bad (candies, fizzy drinks), by using a smiley face on one tooth and a sad face on the other, and with a variety of food pictures.

The visit outcome was to shed light on preventive dental care, so as to help children build good dental habits at a young age. All the children were given a dental kit at the end of the session and went home with big smiles.

The Childcare Centre gave a very special thanks go for organizers – Dr Waad Kheder, Dr Maysara Ibrahim, Dr. Shadi Al Khatib and Dr Abdul Khaleq Humam.