FJW CIS Student On Path to Becoming Oracle Certificate Associate

1 year

In only her second semester, Computer Information Science (CIS) student Khaseibah Khalfan Alsereidi, from the Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW), has set an example for other students when she successfully passed the part one exam of the Oracle Certificate Associate (OCA) certification.

Khaseibah started semester 2 with the aim to being the first student from Fujairah colleges to become an Oracle Certificate Associate. After passing this exam with a commendable score of 80%, Khaseibah is now working hard for the second part of the exams in order to gain full OCA certification.

“It was a very hard exam and I had to study a lot. I decided that I have to be Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and I got it – part 1. Whenever I had any question or I want any help, sir Husnain Kazmi gave me time and explained to me the topics,” Khaseibah said.

As part of the new HCT 2.0 directions the CIS division encourages students to get industrial certifications and Khaseibah is excited to complete the certification and become the first FJW student with OCA certification. She worked enthusiastically with the help of CIS-1303 Data and Information Management teachers Saleimah Mesmari and Shamina Rajcoomar, together with faculty member Husnain Kazmi.

Dr. Zahoor Khan, CIS Supervisor, appreciated her efforts and highlighted the importance of industry certifications in the CIS programmes. “CIS management encourages students to attempt the certifications after passing some key courses. We are committed to provide the resources to all students who are interested to get industrial certifications,” he said.

He emphasized that achieving the industrial certifications during the studies plays a vital role for employability after graduation.