AAM Students Think Outside the Box for Design Thinking Competition

1 year

Engineering students from the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) have excelled in a project-based Student Design Thinking Competition, held last month at the HCT’s Sharjah campuses, as part of the Design Thinking in Engineering Technology course (EGN 1133).

The students were asked to present innovative ideas about the Green Energy field, and build their prototype based on the design thinking process. A total of 36 teams from the HCT campuses participated in this competition, with two teams from AAM submitting and showcasing the following projects:

  • Tidal Wave Energy: The students proposed an approach to generate a clean renewable energy from the tidal waves by pushing and sucking the air through a piping system to rotate a fan fixed at the end of the pipe.


  • First Aid Cabinet: the students built a first aid cabinet operated by solar energy to offer immediate emergency medical needs in public places, such as parks, malls, beaches and other places.


The Tidal Wave Energy team was awarded the second place in the competition after three rounds between them and the first team. Both teams had the same points in two rounds. The First Aid Cabinet team was awarded fourth place.



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