AAM Foundations Team Reaches out to Parents

1 year

Faculty from the Foundations programme at HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) welcomed parents at a meeting in the first week of the Summer 1 semester (Cycle 5) to maintain the strong engagement with the Foundations students’ parents and to update them on their respective son’s academic progress.

At the start of the meeting Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, welcomed the parents and thanked them for accepting the invitation by saying: “The management, faculty and staff of AAM are honoured to have you today to exchange the information about the academic progress of your sons and daughters.”

He also accentuated the importance of exchanging ideas on how to support the Emirati youth. “The importance of such college-parents/guardians gatherings springs from our integrated responsibility of encouraging, stimulating, developing, and supporting our youth in order to achieve to their optimum academic capabilities,” he said.

“Looking after our sons is not limited to advancing their academic achievement, but it also aims at developing all aspects of their human personality in order to be loyal, persistent, and sincere citizens who can make the right decisions and contribute to UAE prosperity and progress,” Dr. Yahya added. 

Douglas Henderson, AAM Foundations Chair, Hasan Toubat, Foundations Academic Coordinator, Nadia Al Meqbali, Foundations Secretary, and Sabri Al Mansi, AAM Counsellor, also participated in the discussions by providing parents with a clear picture of what the college teachers and staff are doing to support their sons.

The gathering concluded with a Q & A session where parents had the opportunity to give creative ideas and suggestions on how AAM can enhance the services it gives to the community.

“The role of parents is important in the success of students and their future. This is to allow parents to understand the academic progress and play active roles in encouraging their sons to focus on their studies and achieve high grades. It is an early intervention for success,” Dr. Al Ansaari said at the meeting. 

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