AAM Celebrates Ramadan Initiatives Activities with Awarding of Prizes

12 months

During the last week of Ramadan, the Al AIn Men’s campus (AAM) concluded its Ramadan 2017 activities by honoring all participant, the participants demonstrated a variety of talents.

The Ramadan in a Picture was a photography competition where students or faculty took photographs of different sceneries or events.  The three winners of the Ramadan in a Picture were:

First prize – Saad Ahmed (IT Support Officer)

Second prize – Dr. Shagufta Sarwar (Business Division)

Third prize – Ali Hamdan Khalfan (student)

There have been many unique and innovative posts received in the Ramadan in Mars Planet completion, noting the perceptions of students and faculty about spending Ramadan on Mars. A number of many surprising scientific facts were also revealed by the students analyzing the possibility of spending the holy month of Ramadan on a planet other than the Earth.

There were two prizes for this competition, with the two winners being:

  • Mansoor Faisal (student)
  • Maryann Casas (Library Technician)

The Ramadan Competition was questions and answers competition with 4 prizes and the winning students were:

  • Abdullah Mohammrd Saeed
  • Naif Mareai Gaafar Al katheri
  • Zayed Abdullatif Abdulnabi
  • Ahamed Mohammed Mubarak


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