Yee Ha … AAM Engineering Students Showcase “Intelligent Livestock Feeding Station” Project

3 years

Four final-year Engineering students from the HCT-Al Ain Men”s campus (AAM) have devised an innovative method to ensure farm animals are fed regularly by developing their Intelligent Livestock Feeding Station project, as part of their capstone project.

The project by Omar Saeed AlAryani, Ateeq Saeed AlDhaheri, Mohammed AlMeqbali, and Sultan Fares AlDhaheri was one of the most promising project in terms of helping the community and has a real practical applications.

It was created as a submission for the engineering students’ final-year design project, which they had to present and academically defend by way of a poster session and presentation. The designed and built by the students.

In this project, a mobile intelligent livestock feeding system, which is powered by a sun tracking solar power, was built. This unit can be towed anywhere in the desert to aid local farmers in their remote farms, so that they do not need to go every day to feed the animals the correct amount. By using a logo PLC controller, the students managed to control the feeding time and the amount without the need of the presence of humans.

With the help of Dr Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM director, and the Engineering faculty, the students not only managed to make a prototype for demonstration but also built a real unit using local, low-cost materials.

Dr. Al Ansaari said, “We encourage our students to be innovative and to solve local challenges. This project can solve some challenges for the farming and camping community.”

The students in process of register their project officially as well as to start a massive production for the farmers around the UAE.

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