Western Region Campuses Join Hands to Celebrate International Labor Day

2 years

“Without labor, nothing prospers” Sophocles

The Ruwais and Madinat Zayed campuses celebration of the international labor day on May 1 was full of warmth and happiness.

The event outlined the expression of gratitude and respect towards the campuses’ support labor and staff, including the security, maintenance and house keeping staff .

In the Ruwais campus, and in the presence of the college director, Dr. Hashim Alzaabi, faculty, staff, and Student Council president Ayesha Alhashimi. Dr. Hashim pinpointed how Ruwais colleges’ labor team is a vital part of the campus strength, support and prosperity and will always be.

In Madinat Zayed Campus, Khalid Tagalsir, Facilities Coordinator thanked all security, maintenance, and housekeeping staff for their hard work and devotion, in the presence of MZ campus staff and faculty.

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