SJW Library Celebrates Joy of Reading with Cavalcade of Bookish Events

1 year

As part of the Library Week activities, the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) Library, in collaboration with Golden Book bookstore, hosted a successful book fair to promote and celebrate the love of reading, during March.

The fair offered a great chance for SJW students and staff to find interesting books about topics they enjoy. As one of the student mentioned, as the book fair went on for several days, she was able to request books that were not there to begin with but Golden Book delivered them to her later on in the same week.


SJW Library also held a ‘Book to Movie’ event at different times, featuring selected films based on famous books including Akeelah and The Bee, My Neighbor Totoro and The Secret Garden. “I really enjoy these movies,” Alya, a student, said.

In addition, SJW Library staff put together a display of the new electronic books on the display board with their QR codes, so students could just scan the codes to access and read the books through their smart devices. As Hamda commented:“it’s amazing that we have access to these books from our devices, it’s really convenient.”