SJM Launches First Engineering Club

1 year

The Engineering Division at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) celebrated the launching of its inaugural Engineering Club on April 30 with a ceremony for students, faculty and campus management.

The ceremony was attended by Dr Abdulla Al Suwaiji, SJM Director, the Dean of Academic Operations, Engineering and science faculty, and over 200 engineering students, who heard the Engineering Club’s Chair Saeed Yousif Hassan announce the creation of the club, which was established under the supervision of the Engineering Club Coordinator, Dr. Hassan Abdulmouti.

The ceremony included an address by Dr. Abdulla Suwaiji, who emphasized the importance of establishing student clubs in enriching the campus social and entrepreneurial experience, and giving them a chance for distinction and social interaction with their peers.

Engineering Clubs in colleges and universities all over the world serve a valuable function in educating the engineering students and building their professional character. The clubs offer a student with an opportunity to join a group of peers in a campus environment which fosters innovation, teamwork, productivity, integrity, leadership and service, Dr. Suwaiji emphasized.


SJM Engineering Program Chair, Dr. Mohammad Kilani, added that Engineering Clubs have been developing and facilitating the hands-on practical experience for Engineering students, so that a student gains an opportunity not only to learn new knowledge during his campus experience, but also to apply that knowledge in real world projects, and share this experience with peer students.

The SJM Engineering Club provides Engineering students with hands on activities, extracurricular instruction, and team building exercises that give a greater understanding of how engineers find solutions to problems, Dr. Kilani added.

The coordinator of the Engineering Club Dr. Hassan Abdulmouti announced the members of Engineering Club and the duties of each member including the mission, vision and the objective of the club.

The main objective of the Engineering Club is to upgrade and raise the level of students in terms of scientific and technical skills and help to promote innovation and community service. This club is a great opportunity for the students to show their innovation activities. Students will gain important skills such as leadership, organizational skills, teamwork, event planning and making new friends.

The club’s activities are carefully planned to provide Engineering students with variety of cultural, social and educational experiences. As shown in the table below, the club administrative committee consists of a chair, a vice chair, an executive assistant, a treasurer, and six members working on event organizer and community service and a media and historian representative.

Position Name
Chair Saeed Yousif Karam Hassan Karam
Vice Chair Abdulrahman Abdulla Moh’d Sharif AlBastaki
Executive Assistant Humaid Saeed Abdalla Shuhail Al Shuhail
Treasurer Omar Ebrahim Abdulrahim Al Zarooni
Event Organizer and Community Service Abdulla Ali Suliman Abdulla Alhammadi
Saeed Ali Obaid Shamsan Alsuwaidi
Abdalla Jamal Abdalla Mohamed Akram
Saeed Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed AlMarzooqi
Event Organizer and Community Service Mansour Ahmed Hussain Mohamed Alzarooni
Abdulla Ali Mohamed Ali Al Hammadi
Media and Historian Mohammed Rashed Saeed Salem Almemari