SJM Foundations Students Gain Insights into World of Emergency Medical Services

1 year

Cycle 4 Foundations students from the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) have been given an enthralling look into the life of an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worker when they attended a presentation on the EMS Diploma course.

Dr Abdulla Al Suwaji, SJM Director, gave an inspirational and motivating speech about the importance of students being enthusiastic and committed to their studies as they approach the end of the academic cycle. He pointed out to the audience that “HCT Sharjah men are very special”.

Following Dr Abdulla’s address Mr Mokhtar Bourchak, SJM Chair of Foundations, ran through the programme’s relevant dates and the start date of Cycle 5. He stressed the importance of students checking their attendance regularly, and informed the students that attendance would not be reset after the holidays.

At the beginning of Cycle 1 in August there were more than 400 Foundations students enrolled at SJM, but that number is currently down to less than half that figure. Many students have already either achieved Band 5 on their IELTS, or passed the EmSAT and have therefore exited SJM Foundations.

Dr Abdulla presented the Academic Awards for Cycle 3. Firstly, the following students received the best attendance award for having 0% absences in Cycle 3:

  • H00360065    Marwan Eisa Obaid Alnaboodah Alshamsi
  • H00353556    Mohamed Abdelreda Hussain Abdelrasoul Shalwani
  • H00360553    Mohamed Ali Mohamed Saeed
  • H00349844    Salem Abdulla Bin Salem Bin Sultan Alqasemi
  • H00327546    Abdalla Marwan Abdalla Sulaiman Almaazmi
  • H00353494    Majid Mohmed Ali Binhaloul Al Ali
  • H00353227    Ali Thani Ali Thani Alshamsi

Next the following students were given an Exceptional Progress Award for the efforts they had made in Cycle 3:

  • H00360182     Abdalla Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim Alameeri
  • H00360050     Humaid Abdulrahman Mohammed Mohammed Almarzooqi
  • H00360048     Abdalla Ghanim Eisa Ghuloum Robari
  • H00327261     Saad Mohammed Hamad Mohammed Alseqetri
  • H00272166      Khalid Khalil Mohamed Abdalla Alhosani
  • H00327425      Saud Humaid Abdalla Yousif Abdalla

Then, the following students were given an Academic Achievement award for success in learning in  Cycle 3:

  • H00327553     Fahad Hisham Hashil Obaid Aljneibi
  • H00327647     Abdelrahman Hussain Hassan Hussain Mohamed Alhammadi
  • H00327344      Matar Bakhit Matar Bakhit Alteneiji

Lastly,  these students received awards for their M Reader achievement in Cycle 3:

  • Level 1     Abdalla Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim   Alameeri (6,156 words)
  • Level 2     Hazza Ahmed Sultan  Sultan Al Falahi (14,385 words)
  • Level 3     Saif Rashid Saif Saeed Almehrzi (2,465 words)
  • Level 4     Obaid Saeed Obaid Saeed Alteneiji (6,253 words)

After the award ceremony, Ciaran Doyle from the Sports Center gave a video presentation on the SJM Foundations inter-level raft building contest held in March, which was both amusing and enjoyable for the student audience, since they saw themselves and their raft building efforts viewed through the camera lens. Ciaran told the students to watch this space, since future events are planned for the rest of this academic year.

Finally, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) gave their short video presentation on the EMS diploma course currently offered at Dubai Men’s campus, adding that a 4-year Bachelor’s degree is planned. The study programme deals with “advanced life support” and students learn a range of skills in co-ed classes covering ambulance driving, medical response in an accident or disaster situation, and dealing with medical emergencies, such as childbirth.

The Dubai EMS group are connected with other emergency response groups operating around the world and they offer opportunities for study abroad as a part of their program. For example, students on a recent program went to Dublin in Ireland to learn the strategies of emergency response teams there.

Students on the EMS course can receive sponsorship from the police, armed forces, or ambulance services to cover the costs of their studies.





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