It’s a Sale – SJM Retailing Students Host Business Bazaar

1 year

The Retailing Diploma students from the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) experienced a real out-of-class retailing project and implemented their retailing business strategy as part of the course’s experiential learning objectives.

Five students complemented their in-class learning as they studied how to implement a real-life retailing business and as a part of this they conducted some quantitative and qualitative research.

The students used the indicators found through research to design their strategic plan. They then implemented this plan, which was successful and profitable: within two days they were able to reach the break-even point and achieve an amazing Return on Investment of 40%.

The five students learned in a practical way about risk management, promotional techniques, and customer service skills.

HCT management representatives visited the busy bazaar and interacted with the students positively.