Going Green for Good – AAW Supports Earth Day

1 year

The staff at the Al Ain Women’s (AAW) library have shown their skills go beyond providing informative reading and learning resources when they organized several environmental awareness events to support the Earth Day on April 19.

Library staff ran a novel student competition called “Drop it and win”, where they distributed Tadweer boxes throughout the campus during April, with the aim of raising awareness and teaching them how to recycle.

Students were asked to drop plastic bottles, papers, cartons, metallic materials, etc. in the appropriate recycling boxes and stick their ID numbers with items to win a prize. Al Shuwib Organic Farms provided dates, along with other organic and healthy choices, to support the event.

The day started with invited students, faculty and staff attending a lecture presented by Ms. Alia Al Saeidi, an Eco Speaker from the Agthia Group. The lecture was to raise awareness of the uses of plastics and how they cause major harm to our environment, and so by using them we are harming ourselves. It also involved recycling plastic products to produce artistic items.

Related documentaries, books, resources and eco-movies were presented in the library and the auditorium throughout the day to support and show how this case is important to mankind and how throughout the years it has struggled to get the attention needed.

Nancy Fahnestock, AAW Mathematics faculty, organized a vegan cooking booth on the day, appropriately named “Cooking Vegan with Nancy” as well as offering samples of homemade almond milk for everyone to try. This initiative was to support Earth Day by creating healthier choices of food.

Ms. Bhawna Sehra, the owner of the Palm Lights Company based in Ras Al Khaimah, participated by providing her eco-friendly candles. These are made of natural palm wax, which is considered a green alternative as it is recyclable and bio-degradable.

Business students also participated by creating recycled items and teaching students how to make them. They also presented some novel ideas for start-up green businesses.

It was a highly successful day in raising awareness and encouraging everyone to participate and learn more about the importance of nature, and how this may affect our future. As a result it helps us all become a more aware and eco-friendly community.

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