FJW Education Division Shows Appreciations to School Mentors

1 year

The Education Division at the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) organized a School Mentors’ Appreciation Day in recognition of the school teachers’ efforts in providing guidance and support for the Education students in their Teaching Practicums.

The invited teachers came from both government and private schools throughout the East Coast region.

The event started with an ice-breaker where the school mentors and their charges talked about the mentoring process, followed by a choice of three breakout PD sessions offered by FJW faculty. The workshops titles were:

  1. Successful mentoring relationship (Dr. Martha Banfa)
  2. Using Microsoft Powerpoint to design a unit (Ms. Amnah Alhmoudi)
  3. Technology tools for classrooms (Dr. Binod Gurung)

After the PD sessions, Ms. Safia Alraqabi, Director of the Fujairah Colleges, addressed the school mentors, giving words of thanks and appreciation for their hard work and highlighted the importance of continuing to support future teachers for the benefit of the UAE.

At the conclusion of the formal proceedings the guests were invited to have lunch with the Education students and faculty.

The event was an excellent opportunity for both school teachers and the Education Division at FJW to meet and exchange ideas and feedback about teaching practicum in schools and ways of improving it.

It was also an opportunity for the education division at FJW to showcase appreciation of schools’ collaboration. Both school teachers and the Education Division at FJW vowed to continue to collaborate for the benefit of both parties.

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