FJW Celebrates International Heritage Day

1 year

The Student Council at the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) celebrated International Heritage Day with the students, faculty and staff eager to recount the life of the students’ grandparents, and the traditions of our country.

The event was held in the Heritage village of the campus, there were variety of activities such as traditional games, workshops, storytelling and questions competition. Moreover, there was a cooking competition were the Student Council provided the participants with all the food, cooking materials and recipe on how to make the “Belalayt” to make sure they are on the right track.

The day was an opportunity for students to gain knowledge on the various materials offered by the Ministry of Community Development and the Student Council, as well as giving them an understanding of the past life and how our grandparents had been living their life in the past. Also, bringing life to the past traditions highlights the revival of often forgotten customs and the traditions.

Overall, the event enlightened students on the remarkable improve that happened in the UAE, and it showed how we are proud of our customs and traditions.

At the end of the day the Student Council distributed a traditional candy to all the students and the teachers to make them happy, which was the main goal of the council. It was clearly seen that all the participants in this event were having a lot of fun and enjoying the atmosphere of the past and go through the journey of the past in the UAE.

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