FJW Business Students Discover HR Metrics’ Measurements

1 year

Year-4 Bachelor of Business students in the Strategic Human Resources Management course at the Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) discovered first-hand how the key HR issues of staffing, training, performance management, compensation and benefits are applied at a contemporary UAE-based business.

The class visited Al Fujairah National Insurance Company (AFNIC) and met with Mr. Eiad Absi, HR Director, and Ms. Eiman Moftah Almesmari, HR Coordinator, an FJW Business graduate. The meeting enabled students to see the successful deployment of textbook principles of strategic HR management in a real-world application.

Mr. Absi explained how the implementation of a range of HR metrics has led to strategic success. The students saw results of AFNIC’s ‘balanced scorecard’ approach and discovered that in only 12 months profits had increased 23%, while customer waiting time to obtain a new insurance policy has been reduced from a whopping 45 minutes to only 11 minutes.

The students also discovered how changes in the approach to employee retention at AFNIC motivated a huge impact upon Emiratization. AFNIC achieved a number-one Emiratization rating, aspiring to zero resignations as the firm boosted retention of Emirati Nationals in 2016 making an astounding improvement over 2015 where the firm lost nine national employees. Mr. Eaid also detailed the motivational scheme of bonuses payable under the new ‘open reporting system’.

Mr Eiad said he firmly believed in the addage of you can never truly succeed if you don’t measure” and acknowledged the reality of HR when he statedwhile there is a place for rewards there must be a penalty for mistakes.

Dr. Alfred Miller, the students’ instructor, was impressed by learners gaining practical exposure to KPIs and seeing first-hand the written components of the performance evaluation system, including the measurement scale and performance factors.