DBM’s CIS Students Explore Emerging Technologies

1 year

The much anticipated Computer Information Science (CIS) Research Day at the HCT-Dubai Men’s campus (DBM) was held on May 7, in the campus’s Knowledge Center, where students showcased their active research findings to faculty supervisors and fellow students.

Seven groups of CIS Students taking the course “Research Methods for Emerging Technologies” presented their findings on many topics, which have the potential to completely change the landscape of technologies in the future.

The students eagerly explained the ways these technologies are currently being used to alter various simple and complex tasks.

The research areas included:

  • E-Learning,
  • Holoportation,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Augmented Reality,
  • Autonomous Automobile,
  • Cloud Computing

CIS Research Day_4











The students ended their findings by showing how these breakthroughs promise innovative solutions to the most pressing global challenges of our time.

Dr. Faouzi Bouslama, CIS Programme Chair at DBM, said: “Students were able to improve their communication and presentation skills while sharing their research findings on latest technologies of the 21st Century. I would like to thank the students as well as their mentor, Dr. Atef Suleiman, for making this event another success story.”

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