ADW Applied Media Exhibition Brings Imagination to Life

1 year

Final-year Applied Communications students at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s campus (ADW) showcased their undoubted talents by opening their stunning “Vivid” exhibition to family, friends and industry on May 3.

The exhibit showcased the students’ many creative talents including six short films and 23 design installations, but it also celebrated the end of a four-year path of learning, and its discoveries of joy, pain and hope.  Their work evolved from a journey where they were pushed to find their creative voice and individual uniqueness, all the while encouraged by faculty and each other.

Within the nurturing environment of the Applied Communications Division, the students learned that the measure of success involved knowing what they are good at, seeing their weaknesses and meeting the challenges brought to them.  Vivid marked the start of opportunities outside the college toward a future of possibilities in their professional and personal lives.

“Artists have the privilege to stand out between a group of influencers, celebrities or bloggers through what they do best, creatively expressing their emotions, opinions without even saying a word,” Noora Alameri, a final-year Applied Media student, said.