ADMC CIS Students Raise Awareness on Cyber Security

1 year

Computer Information Science (CIS) students at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s campus (ADM) showed the applied nature of their learning when they prepared a cyber-security awareness programme to educate the college community about best practices and ways of protecting their work environment.

The students are specializing in IT Security and found it very important that they play a role in raising community awareness about this important topic particularly with the extensive usage of computers and smart phones in today’s world.

The students’ work did not only address college community but the work included programs to raise awareness of cyber security for five categories of people including: children, parents, students, employees, and law enforcement people. Active interactions took place among the participating students, other students, faculty, and staff members.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Jahoushi, ADM Director, listened to every participating students ideas on how to raise cyber security awareness, supported the students and asked them to conduct special awareness campaigns for faculty members in the college and for school students.

Dr Hamad Odhabi, Executive Dean of Computer Information Science and Applied Communications, commended the work of the students, engaged in constructive discussions with them and with them challenging ideas.

Dr Adil Al-Hussaini, Chair of CIS programmes at ADMC, said: “The showcase was well prepared and delivered the importance of the cyber security to protect the data from unauthorized people. “.

Dr Rula Al-Kayyali, supervisor of the cyber security project said: “The students came up with innovative ideas on how to educate the community about cyber security and how to raise awareness”.

The students were very excited about the topic and discussed plans on how do they want to take this work further through community service activities.

One of the security officers who participated in the awareness campaign said: “This was an eye opener for me, I didn’t know about many of the cyber security breaches before and how I can protect my data and my work.”