ADM Business Faculty Wins Best Paper Award at International Lebanese Conference in Information System

1 year

Dr. Abdullah AlSagheer, a Business faculty at the HCT- Abu Dhabi Men’s campus (ADM) received the Best Paper Award at the International Lebanese Conference in Information System (LCIS 2017), which was simultaneously held in the Lebanese American University in New York and at the LAU campus in Beirut from April 27-29, 2017.

The paper was title in “Bundling Items With Imperfect Quality” and discussed how the Retailer has adopted a pure bundling strategy.

Such as selling two types or more of products in bundles. The Items of each type contain a percentage of imperfect quality items which is lead to random variable having a known probability density function. These Items are inspected for imperfect quality using a 100% screening process. The perfect quality items Methodology are used to make the bundles. As a result of that, the imperfect quality items are sold at a discount price at the end of the screening period. A new Strategic Marketing Management model has been introduced to the market which will lead to marketing revolution of bundling strategy.

Dr AlSagheer also presented a second paper title in “Corporate Governance: a Catalyst of CSR Not only financial, but also social performance”, which discussed both research and practices, emphasizing on a change of board of directors’ responsibilities. Nowadays, the board’s task is not only about attending a meeting, but it is also going out to the field to tackle the emerging needs of stakeholders.

This study consists of a systematic literature review examining how corporate governance is initiating a convergence of the paradoxical outcomes between financial profit and social responsibility.

LCIS 2017 is an international conference by AACSB that covers innovative approaches and strategies to meeting the needs of business organizations in a competitive, interconnected, and increasingly digitized business world.

“Advancing business innovations, competitiveness, and progressiveness: the role of ICT toward smart organizations” was the main theme of the conference.