ADM Applied Media Students Get Acquainted with App-based Edutainment Concept

1 year

Abu Dhabi Men’s (ADM) Semester-7 Applied Media students recently made a visit to Lamsa World’s production base at Abu Dhabi, where they were able to get familiarized with the increasing popularity of delivery and consumption of ‘edutainment’ content through mobile-based applications.

An interactive presentation by Lamsa World’s Production manager Ms. Vera Rosales gave an overview of the online content creation and delivery mechanism. The presentation focused on pre-production planning, production cycle and the critical aspect of compatibility testing of content with the application for a smooth user-friendly experience. It was stressed that compatibility testing is especially important since majority of app-based edutainment content is targeted at children.

ADM student Khaled Jesimi, summed up the visiting students’ sentiments when he said; “The visit has been extremely relevant for us. We will be graduating next semester and the tour gave us an idea that we have to move beyond the conventional delivery platforms like TV and computers and tailor our content for mobile platforms.”

The visit concluded with students and Lamsa World’s staff discussing aspects like ideation, story boarding, character adaptations and creations, laying sound and music tracks and bringing content compatibility with applications.