AAW ‘Family’ Joins in Celebration of Holy Month of Ramadan

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) celebrated the holy month of Ramadan by gathering students, faculty and staff to exchange Ramadan greetings.

The college organized some giveaways for the AAW family and decorated the whole campus to reflect Ramadan.

Fasting in Ramadan strengthens the spirit of belonging, unity, brotherhood and equality. It also enhances patience, selflessness and gratitude, as well as improving moral and spiritual characteristics. Above all, the purpose of fasting resides in empowering self-restraint and compassion.

Ramadan is known as the month of giving, so AAW has organized a special charity group, consisting of students, who receive donations of food supplies and arrange them in gift boxes with the cooperation of the UAE Red Crescent. The boxes are filled and then dispatched by the charity organization to families and individuals in need of support.

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