AAM Join in Fun of Al Ain Municipality’s Book Fair

1 year

In line with the Year of Reading governmental declaration, on April 17 and 18, 2017 the Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) Library, together with the AAM Book Club, participated in the “Be Distinguished by Your Book” reading exhibition, organized by Al Ain City Municipality, on April 17-18.

Many local schools participated in the event, and the AAM students exhibited an array of impressive Apps on their iPads for the children to use, including the Quiver App, which made the children’s drawings come to life in 3D.

In the spirit of the Year of Giving, HCT bookmarks and pictures were given to the schools. The AAM Book Club also read stories, and encouraged the students to work hard so that one day they may come to study at HCT.

Dr. Al Ansaari’s said that “Our aim is to get our students to be exposed books and the act of reading. Reading different books can make a human being full of knowledge and wisdom.”

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