AAM Foundations Department Hosts Student Focus Group Meeting

1 year

In alignment with the AAM goal of keeping a continuous improvement of its academic programmes, and having a vibrant studying culture where students are engaged and participating in shaping the teaching/learning environment, the Foundations Division hosted a Focus Group meeting with eight students on April 26.

Four students are currently studying at Foundations and the other four students are Bachelor students who graduated from Foundations. The purpose of the meeting was to listen to students opinions, perceptions, and thoughts about their study experience on Foundations program.

In the meeting, students shared with the Foundations Chair, Coordinator and Administrator their memories of the first week in the Foundations programme and why they have chosen to join HCT. Students also expressed their opinions on what they like and dislike about the Foundations English and Math courses.

During the meeting students mentioned some valuable suggestions to improve the programme and the teaching/learning environment. Overall, the meeting was an enjoyable and rewarding experience for participants. At the end of the meeting students expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to attend the meeting and for listening to their opinions and experiences.

Mr. Douglas Henderson, AAM Foundations Chair, concluded with thanking students for coming to the meeting and for their willingness to share their experiences. He wished students all the best in their studies and promised to pass on their suggestions to the Executive Dean of the Foundations Programme.

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