Western Region Students Gain Valuable Experience at Emirates Skills Competition

1 year

Two teams from the HCT’s Western Region campuses showed the high level of skills and knowledge in the Al Gharbia region when they participated in the Emirates Skills and Technical Innovation Competition, which was held from April 11-13l.

Students Noora and Shamma Alhameli represented the Madinat Zayed campuses, while Sara Alhammadi and Shaikha Almansoori represented the Ruwais campuses. Both the teams had participated in the category of “Electronics – Design and Build.”

On the first day of the competition the girls had to complete five tasks in which they had to test various electronics components, such as sensors, LDR and motors and measure their parameters and record their inference.

On the second day of the competition they had to use all the knowledge they had gained in the first day to design, build and assemble a robot from scratch. The robot had to perform some operations based on instructions given by the organizers. Though the students were not able to win the competition, the experience they gained has motivated them to work harder.

Sara Alhammadi felt that it was an enlightening and enriching experience and this has helped them to know more about different electronic configurations. She also mentioned the fact that it has helped to strengthen their team work.

Shaikha Almansoori felt that she learned a lot through this experience and it was a nice opportunity for their team.

The Madinat Zayed team was coached by Dr. Shanubhog Raghu and the Ruwais team by Ms. Anees Bashir. The coaches felt that the competition has increased the exposure of their students and the students feel motivated to train harder for such events.

Although their students didn’t win the competition, the coaches feel that the students have put their maximum effort and they are really proud of their students. The coaches thanked Dr. Hashim Alzaabi, the campuses director, and Dr. Tarig Faisal, Programme Chair, for continuous support and encouragement.

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