SJW Mobile Learning Unit Visits Fatma Al Zahra Secondary School

1 year

The HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) Mobile Learning Unit (MLU) visited the Fatma Al Zahra Secondary School in Sharjah, as part of its educational tour to further enhance the learning experience for school students and help them define their academic and career interests.

The MLU team comprised a group of students, faculty and staff from the Health Sciences, Engineering, CIS and Business Divisions at SJW

The Health Sciences students did a session about anti-smoking and drugs, in addition to promoting Health Sciences programmes. Electronics engineering students shared their activities and projects with high school students.

CIS students did a workshop comprising many activities on common cyber-security risks to increase the awareness among teenagers. Business students organized two workshops, one on study skills. This included effective study habits, time management, organizational skills, learning styles and preferences, as well as some tips in stress management. The other Business workshop was on contemporary marketing styles and tools.

Nedaa AlBarghuthi, CIS faculty, said: “The Mobile Learning Unit gave an excellent opportunity for college students to share their knowledge with high school students to increase the awareness level on security information. The students were so excited especially when they played the awareness game.”

CIS-Security & Forensics Senior Student Reed commented: “The Mobile Learning Unit is an amazing experience, it gave me the opportunity to share the information I gained with high school students.

Ahlam, from the same major, said: “I enjoyed the experience of teaching younger students in particular when we played the game I  designed myself.  They were so happy and excited while compete each other,  and understood the risk of providing their personal information online.”

Dr. Sergiy Spivakovskyy, from the Business programme, said: “The HCT business students conducted 3 workshop sessions on contemporary marketing concepts and shared the recent trends on the examples of their favorite brands, including Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Channel.  At the end of each session all the school students participated in digital activities – interactive games on marketing developed by HCT students.”

Business student Asma Yousif Mohamed Hajialreyes Alawadhi said: “In this experience I talked about the history of a company Nike and their Marketing practices. I learnt that success does not come easily, and behind every successful organization, there are many obstacles and challenges. The key is how to control and use those challenges in your benefit.”

Afraa Abdulla Abdulhamid Ebrahim Aljasmi , another Business student, commented: “While getting prepared for my presentation and talking about marketing success of Louis Vuitton I have learnt that every company has their own story to inspire people.”