SJM Emplores Motorists to Trust Life with Safe Driving Campaign

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Driving a car is a privilege and a responsibility. The Spring 2017 Sharjah Men’s campus’s (SJM) Safe Driving Campaign, entitled “Your Life is a Trust”, was intended to remind drivers of the importance of driving responsibly at all times and to wear seat belts.

Each year, far too many individuals in the UAE are injured or lose their lives as a result of risk-taking behaviours such as excessive speed, tailgating, showing off, not wearing seat belts, inattentiveness and using mobile phones/texting whilst driving.

The campaign included posters, a large banner at the campus entrance, a video, an information booth, and safe driving reminders dispersed throughout the campus. There was also a vintage UAE police car and a vehicle severely damaged from a major accident on display.

Energized members of the safe driving campaign greeted drivers entering the campus. The team of students and staff reminded drivers of the importance of road safety and wearing seat belts.

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The campaign included an informative library display of print and electronic resources supported the safe driving theme and featured car accident photographs. The display caught the attention of students and encouraged discussion.

One image, in particular, drew a lot of attention. Dennis Samaniego, SJM Library Technician, knew the story behind the particular accident and was able to engage the students in dialogue about safe driving habits. The library team also encouraged students to submit stories or artwork reflecting on personal experiences with traffic accidents.

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The campaign also featured First Lieutenant Ali Saleh and Lieutenant Ahmed Ali from the Sharjah Police. Their talk focused on the traffic system, road safety guidelines/advice and an overview of the black points system. It is known that young drivers are involved in a high percentage of accidents and they were reminded to be careful on the roads.

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Ahmed Umran Ali, an Engineering student and campaign volunteer, said that “people often overlook the importance of safe driving. They should know that driving can change your life if done recklessly”.

He added that we must all be considerate when we get in the driver’s seat as one careless mistake could cause great physical and emotional pain for many. In other words, be smart when you drive.

Shaik Hussain, another Engineering student and campaign volunteer, said that some people enjoy the thrill of racing their cars and showing off.

“What they don’t think about deeply is the danger behind their risky passion. One wrong turn can take a life and that person will be someone’s relative and in some cases may be the driver’s relative”. He also made the point that people would not drive as fast if they knew they were driving to their deaths.”

Life is precious so drive safely!