ADM Hosts Employer on Campus with Gulf Precast Concrete Company

1 year

the HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s campus (ADM) hosted the Gulf Precast Concrete Company as part of the HCT system-wide Employer on Campus initiativeon April 10, 2017, as a means to introduce employers to a potential workforce,

The company conducted initial interviews for 10 job opportunities in various engineering fields, as well as interviewing students keen to conduct internship training during the summer semester.

The new Employer on Campus approach will highlight the employment opportunities and the real scholarships offered by the participating organizations to attract and recruit graduate students.

The HCT campuses are embracing this initiative, as they allocate space for each organization on specific days to meet with students, receive their CV’s and to organize interviews or tests for all opportunities of the organization’s scholarships and internship programs. The initiative also enables employers to conduct awareness workshops and discussion sessions to answer students’ inquires.