FJW Gets Arty for Creative Hands Exhibition

1 year

The Fujairah Women’s campus’s (FJW) Multipurpose Hall was transformed into a centre of artistic creativity and expression as it hosted a two-day art exhibition titled “Creative Hands”, showcasing FJW students’ and staff members’ art.

Different forms of visual arts were displayed, including paintings, drawings, graphics, calligraphy and video art. Visitors were impressed with the many talented artists the college has. For the artists themselves this was an event never to forget.

Fatma Nasser Al Suheil, an education student, has been recently gaining great recognition for her art as she was shortlisted to the ADMAF 2017 Creativity Awards, reaching the top 6 out of hundreds of applicants. She takes her main inspiration from the beauty of nature, and night skies.

Balqis Al Raqsi, an applied media student, tells about her excitement on the first occasion of her digital video art being displayed. She noticed audience being very interested in her works and the techniques she used to create them. In her expression she prefers to use lot of shadows and night scenes as these inspire her.

Maryam Saeed Rashed, an education student, has been very happy of having the chance to display her art to audience. She gets her inspiration from the Holy Quran and many national signs of Emirates, like for example falcons. She also combines calligraphy in her paintings, each of her art work having also creative names.

Amnah Yusuf, Supervisor of Student Services, states that it’s good to have an exhibition like this that allows people to show their talents within a college community, connecting students, staff and visitors. Amnah wants to communicate the happiness of Allah’s creations and the beauty of the nature that is surrounding all of us.

Nada AlYammahi, an IT student, is also presenting her beautiful artwork in the event, and it is her first time to exhibit her works. She aims to draw interesting and creative themes from her mind. With her art she wants to encourage people to look life through their own eyes, instead of only following others.

Aisha AlZaabi, a business student, is happy to exhibit her drawings at the event. She tells that people like her work and have told it to be beautiful. Her inspirations come from her imagination and sometimes she gets ideas by seeing different pictures.

The Creativity Club led by Ms Shaikha AlAli, wishes to thank all the wonderful artist for sharing their artworks, all the visitors of the exhibition, members of Creativity club and all the staff members who supported with their contributions to make this into successful event.


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