DBW CIS Students Explore Cutting-Edge Computer Networking Technologies at Etisalat

1 year

Computer Information Science (CIS) Bachelor degree students, majoring in Networking, from the HCT-Dubai Women’s campus (DBW) grasped a wonderful opportunity to get firsthand insights into Etisalat’s network services for the UAE, when they visited the Etisalat Academy.

The field trip was particularly relevant to these students, as part of their WAN Technologies course (CIN 3203), they are required to understand in detail how a Wide Area Network works, as well as the different methods and solutions employed by local Network Service Providers (NSP) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) to provide connectivity.

The trip to Etisalat Academy took students through a step by step demonstration of how Etisalat provides connectivity to its consumers.  The presentation by Etisalat’s technical engineers covered topics ranging from home connectivity, business enterprise and branches connectivity, as well as remote connectivity.

Various technologies and protocols, such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), were discussed that need to be implemented considering the vast complexities of the connections. Etisalat representatives explained how the telecommunications giant stays ahead of the game by introducing faster and more reliable solutions for the ever-expanding reach of the networks.

The students enjoyed the whole experience and expressed their keenness to revisit the Etisalat Labs in the future to get a hands-on experience at creating WAN connections.

CIS Faculty Suna Nakhare, who organized the trip, said the students were able to relate classroom knowledge more easily by attending these sessions, as they help to better absorb the lessons.