ADM Business Faculty Wins ACBSP Region 8 Teaching Excellence Award

1 year

The HCT Abu Dhabi Men’s campus (ADM) is delighted to hear that on April 6, Business faculty Dr. Beena Salim won the ACBSP Region 8 Teaching Excellence Award 2017.

Dr. Beena has more than ten years of experience in teaching Business graduate programmes and was happy to hear that she has been chosen for the award this year. The award given to her is in the category of International teaching excellence award in Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree – Region 8. She has now been invited to attend the ACBSP conference in Anaheim, California in June to receive the award.

Dr. Imre Reczey, ADM Business Chair, congratulated Dr Beena and commented that she is a very committed, and diligent faculty, who is excellent in her teaching methods and practices with students. He said that her research interests, initiatives in community services, interest in embracing quality of curriculum and innovative teaching methods paved her way to success in winning the award.

Dr. Imre added that he was extremely happy as this is the second time ADM has this honor – the first being Dr. Roudaina Houjeir, Winner of Region 8 Associate Degree Teaching Excellence Award in 2014.

Dr. Beena, who joined ADM in 2014, said her teaching philosophy is: “Only thing that stays with students is the emotional and visual imagination that you create in classroom that transforms into learning for life and stays with them for years”. She believes in engaging students in volunteerism to develop their insights on human issues and problems which can cater to the development of new business ideas for the social good.”

Her research interests in the area of strategic management, emotional intelligence, corporate social responsibility, diversity management and inclusion, destination development, leadership and women has enabled publication of many articles in international journals. She has published a book on social responsibility of business, as well as a book chapter on student leadership through volunteerism for the TESOL Arabia 2014 conference.

Dr. Beena said HCT developing faculty skills in advanced class room delivery and engagement technologies is the future of education and she is proud to also embrace this philosophy, as she sees future education as being without boundaries, while the power of teachers in guiding students is a successful marriage between technology and the engagement between teachers and students.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Jahoushi, ADM Director, and Dr. Maen, ADM Head of Academic Services, both said Dr Beena’s achievement was a proud moment for the college and HCT.