AAW Welcomes Principals & Counsellors for Annual Academic Advisory Forum

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) was the focal point for locally based high school principals and counsellors on April 11, as they converged on the college for the Annual Academic Advisory Forum.

This full day event gathered 60 principals and counsellors, from both private and public schools in Al Ain, to thank them for their contributions to the ongoing success of AAW students, and to enable them to share knowledge, information and best practices with their peers at HCT.

The day included a welcoming ceremony, during which Mrs. Noura Nader, Head of Campus Services, said: “I would like to pay tribute to the unique accomplishments that occur in your schools, your sincerity and dedication to our students is always acknowledged. This has been reflected positively in upgrading various skills in our students, and we see a remarkable development and greater confidence in our students thanks to your mentoring and good advice.”

“To succeed academically is important but in the higher colleges we realize that education is not just about passing exams. That’s why we offer programmes of high demand that are considered qualitatively better in the area. Our students get the educational opportunity grants that enable them to see themselves as part of a perfect society,” she added.

Programme choice booths were organized by students and members of each programme major so as to fully introduce the guests to the four academic programmes offered by AAW.

In addition, students showcased their projects and talked about the respective programme’s academic plans and how each programme actively serves Al Ain’s workplace market.

The event carried on to the highlight of the day – three workshops organized by AAW faculty. The interactive workshops were:

  • ‘Results Based Management’, by Mr. Omar Badran, Business faculty. It aimed to introduce the uses of a Management by Results strategy to explain the necessary skills for obtaining optimum results, by understanding the relationship between three management concepts – Feedback, Results and Management.
  • ‘The role of school management and social workers in preparing students to go to university’, by Mr. Radi Al Waqfi, Arabic Department faculty. It aimed to explain the role of the school management and social workers in assisting students in their transition to college; and the need to train school students to be independent and self-reliant, as well as to modify their behaviour, decision-making and time management skills, and self-understanding. It also focused on methods of communicating with others, self-confidence and good appreciation, teaching methods and lack of dependence entirely on memorization and conservation, and thinking and constructive criticism.
  • ‘Effective Programs for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders’, by David Waugh (Education Program Chair), Kesha Oliver (Education Faculty), Jolene Sucllion (Education Faculty) and Basma Saleh (Foundations Faculty). It aimed to aid schools in raising the levels of engagement among students demonstrating behavioural issues by providing a variety of strategies to improve the communication levels of all parties involved.

After attending the three workshops attendees gathered for a Q&A session during which they were asked questions about each of the programme choice areas. Participation in this session was enthusiastic and it concluded with small prizes for those who answered a series of questions correctly.

At the end of the day certificates of recognition and attendance were presented by Mrs. Noura Nader, Head of Campus Services, on behalf of Mrs. Hamsa Saleh, AAW Director.

Eeda Al Qahtani, a counsellor in the Al Ain Family Development Center, commented: “We were looking forward to attend this yearly event organized by the AAW family. I attended the workshop on ‘The role of school management and social workers in preparing students to go to university’ and it was of a great help to us as we had a lot of questions and we were guided to try new professional ways to deal with our students. We also had a discussion where we shared our experiences and this has given me some new ideas to try. The whole experience was lovely and I really am excited to attend next year’s Academic Advisory Forum.”