AAW Says ‘Thank You’ to All Mothers

1 year

The HCTAl Ain Women’s campus (AAW) celebrated International Mother’s Day on March 21 with a full day of activities to play the role of messenger between students, faculty and staff and their mothers.

The day of festivities was also for a chance to celebrate someone that the AAW community looks up to; someone who has been with them through their whole lives and whom they want to appreciate and acknowledge on this day.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of all mothers and of the everlasting bond that all mothers share with their children. A mother’s selfless love is the epitome of all feelings that one human being can feel for another. Mother is a small word with a few letters but with a magnified meaning of love, giving, sacrifice and an endless list of beautiful meanings only a mother would understand.

HCT honored all mothers on that day by offering a gesture called “Because She’s My Mother” – an initiative directed by Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT Vice Chancellor.

Mrs. Hamsa Al Ammari, AAW director and the campus management team, visited classes to distribute “Because She’s My Mother” gifts to students to give to their mothers while writing a note of love, appreciation and gratitude.

The day also involved gift-wrapping where students, faculty and staff could choose one of the gifts, wrap it themselves and write a note and give it to their mothers.

A phone booth corner called “Call your Mom” was among the activities where people could call their mothers and a group of students with the management team was there to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.

Maryam Al Shamisi, a Business student said: “We often wish to do everything we can to express our feelings for our mothers. We owe them so much and we know we can’t ever pay them back what they gave us but we try to show some appreciation. I loved the idea of personalizing my own gift as this adds a special touch from me to my mother.”

Mrs. Hamsa Al Ammari added: “Mothers have always held a special and dear place in our hearts. Motherhood is a natural and a very strong bond. This bond is unbreakable through time. No matter how old we are, this love grows more and more, especially for those of us who are mothers ourselves.”

“We feel what our mothers felt and we understand what they’ve been through, so today AAW wants to implant gratitude and appreciation among its students by offering them a set of activities with an outcome to remember,” she added.

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