From UAE to the World – AAM Hosts Uplifting Happiness Event

1 year

Students at the HCT- Ain Men’s campus (AAM) enjoyed a day devoted to the exploration of happiness at their recent “Happiness across the world from the UAE” event.

Representatives from ten nations generously brought food, small gifts, educational brochures, games, competitions and cultural displays to share with about 200 enthusiastic Emirati students. In addition, several students shared some of their favorite Emirati foods.

The following countries where represented in small wings at the college – Sudan, Romania, England, Palestine, Jordan, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.

The fun-filled day featured school and folkloric shows which highlighted the most important cultures of the participating countries. These uplifting performances added an atmosphere of fun and happiness to the day.

The event was all about happiness as the UAE is the leader in raising the level of happiness and quality of life for all residents on its territory. All those present showed their enjoyment at, and appreciation for, the special day; feeling uplifted to be a part of this wonderful country.

Saif Al Nabhani, AAM Student Council President, said: “Such events benefit the students in understanding the customs and traditions of other peoples and civilizations. They reach the concept of true happiness for all, because these events contain many happy times that no one can forget.”

Dr Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, said: ‘’Smile first, every day should be appositive and a happy day.”


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