Western Region Engineering Students Gain Hands-on Safety Knowledge from Industry Experts

1 year

The male and female Engineering sections at the HCT’s Western Region campuses have been given the opportunity to learn the latest industry practices from a consultancy organization that provides Process Safety Management Services to the giant oil sector companies in the Middle East region.

The Middle East Regional Manager from the Advisian, Worley Parsons group, led the students into the virtual tour to the process industry with his vast industry and consultancy experience and case studies.

By virtue of a simulation workshop exercise, the students could map the learning outlines of the classroom lectures to the field applicability. During the exercise the students actively contributed to identifying the hazard identification, causes and consequences of deviations from process parameters, risk analysis and risk minimization measures.

They were also given an insight into the career prospects of Chemical Engineers as technical consultants, who are the service providers to industry with the specialization of PSM. The contribution of process and operations engineers to safety issues, right from the conceptual stage to the decommissioning stage was discussed. The platform provided an opportunity to interact on the industry best practices and the requirement of innovation and latest technology to enhance the process safety.

The female students were upbeat about their future careers after the workshop. “We are awed at the complexity and the size of the industry we have in the Middle East and the role we can play as future process engineers to keep this place safe for people, environment and assets,” they said.

The male students, most of them already employed in the Western Region’s oil and gas industry, shared their experiences. “This session helped us to acknowledge and respect the amount of work that takes place periodically to ensure the safety at workplace to protect the employees and community as well understand the responsibility that lies with us to continue and contribute through our education,” they said.

The participating Chemical Engineering faculty Padmaja Vootla, AbdelRahim Minalla, Sathya Manickkan said that such workshops have far-reaching benefits in preparing HCT students to become professional engineers in their careers, as they fill the gap between the academic side and the practical application.

Dr. Tarig, the Programme Chair, thanked Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi, campus director, for his support and encouragement with such events that add value to the students’ education.


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