SJW Students Discover Mobile-less Mobility

1 year

Let’s give our mobiles a rest and get mobile!

HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) students adopted a novel approach to compare the time wasted on mobiles phones versus time well-spent on the devices.

The students took part in a series of fun water games on Wednesday March 15, as part of an awareness morning designed to get them to devote time for getting active.

Water games allowed them to forget about their mobiles and enjoy doing something together for a few hours. The students participated in a selection of different relay races, raft building, and in pool volleyball! This was great fun for all involved.

In addition, students were given information about Applications that will help with fitness tracking, nutrition, education and more. The aim was to help them eliminate some of the endless hours that many spend browsing on social media without purpose.

The students were unanimous in their praise for the event, with one commenting: “I had so much fun that I did not even think about my phone”.

Fun Fact: There are over 80,000 educational applications! Why not download one today and start your learning journey!