RKW Celebrates International Women’s Day by Highlighting Female Achievement

1 year

“We are past the stage of empowering women; we empower the community by women” – HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

A student-led activity was held on March 8 at the HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Women’s campus (RKW) in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

The celebration engaged all female students, faculty and staff at the campus and the campus management ensured that all females on campus were duly recognized for their efforts by distributing roses.

As part of this important event, Student Council Members and volunteers conducted a panel discussion, which was moderated by Alya Al Sharhan, a Business Administration student.

The panelists were RAK Colleges’ student and faculty members, being:

  • Ms. Nehad Al Maaini, Business Administration student
  • Dr. Shamma Al Naqbi, Acting Manager of HADEF and Foundations Programme Chair
  • Dr. Mouza Al Shemaili, CIS faculty
  • Dr. Badreyya Al Shamsi, Emirati Studies faculty

The panelists engaged in an interesting and interactive discussion on the following topics:

  • Social, economic and political achievements
  • Role of Emirati women and their achievements globally

In addition, they happily interacted with the student audience, providing highly-appreciated pieces of advice.

The event spread happiness and inspired both students and the RKW family to be determined in reaching their goals.

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