RAK Campuses Spread Fun & Joy at International Happiness Day Celebrations

1 year

The HCT-Ras Al Khaimah campuses celebrated International Happiness Day on March 20, by hosting a full day of activities.

Students, Staff, and Faculty were  involved in spreading the value of giving, appreciation, joy and creating happy memories plus positivity.

Mouza Al Ali, Senior Officer-Industrial liaison said: “Today is a day to remember.  I’m always motivated to make others happy and it is something that I’m always proud of. Each one glowed with true happiness because of the activities.  The day exhibited happy times which could not be forgotten.”

The RAK campuses family worked hard to create the happiness atmosphere and to teach their students that true happiness comes from giving and sharing with others.

The event started at 8am and ran until 3.30 pm, with activities as follows:

* Special Needs Event – RKW/RKM – Student Services raise awareness of special needs and celebrate the differences in the local community and college.

* Stone Station – RKM/RKW – Students, faculty and staff  got the chance to express their happiness by writing on magical stones.

* FIFA Play Station – RKM\RKM  Students played and enjoyed challenging each other.

* Wall of Happiness – RKM/RKW – Everyone expressed their true wishes and happy feelings.

* Lunch for all workers – RKM/RKW – RAK campuses distributed lunch to all workers at both campuses.


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