Let’s Do It … MZW Students Get into Healthy Life

1 year

The HCT-Madinat Zayed Women’s campus (MZW) conducted a Health Awareness and Sports Day on March 8 with the theme, ‘A Healthy Life… Let’s Do It’ to get students more active and aware of healthy lifestyles.

The event featured health and wellness presentations from the students, campus Counsellor and the Fatima College.  Also, a medical team from Al Noor Hosptial’s Madinat Zayed branch led by Dr. Riham Sharfi, conducted a lecture on ‘health lifestyle and Diabetes, a deadly disease’.

It was a day filled with fun and health focused activities, and the most exciting part was the friendly table tennis competition involving the institutions located in the Baynounah Education Complex – HCT, Fatima College and ADVETI.

The competition was organized by Mariam Alkatheeri, the Volunteer Program Officer, and the students had a wonderful time together while competing for the medal prizes.  The MZW team showed their skills by winning the competition.

The event would not have been possible without the organization of the MZW Student Services department members Leimarie Tabios, Kathlyne Fenestor, and Mariam Alkatheeri, as well as the input and participation of the Student Council.

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